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Vocab Part-25

*Word   *English explaination    *Meaning in Hindi.    

1.Obituary.     (a piece of writing about a person’s life that is printed in a newspaper soon after he/she has died).      निधन सूचना

2.Parricide.     (Murder of parents).     अभिभावक की हत्या

3.Patricide.     (Murder of one's father).   पिता की हत्या 

4.Polyandry.     (a woman has more than one husband).   बहुत पतित्व

5.Anonymous.   (unknown writer)  गुमनाम

6.Autobiography.    (one's life story written by oneself)        आत्मकथा

7.Наrаngue.      (A noisy speech intended to excite emotions).   उग्र भाषण

8.Memoir.     (A book of memorable experiences of one's life).   संस्मरण

9.Memorandum.     (a written message in business or diplomacy).    ज्ञापन

10.Besiege.     (To capture a place with military force).     कब्जा कर लेना

11.Bivouac.    (a temporary camp without tents).     घेरा डालना

12.Commandeer.    (To capture for military use).     जब्त करना

13.Garner.      (gather).    संचित करना

14.Fastidious.     (giving too much attention to small details).     दुष्टोषणीय

15.Ephemeral.     (temporary,fleeting).     अल्पकालिक

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