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Vocab Part-23

*Word   *English explaination    *Meaning in Hindi.    
1.Fratricide.     (Murder of one's brother).   भाई की हत्या 

2.Genocide.   (Murder of race of people).  जनसंहार  

3.Homicide.     (Killing of humans).     नरसंहार

4.Bigamist.    (one who marries a second wife).    द्विविवाही

5.Celibate.    (an unmarried person).  कुंआरा

6.Fiance.   (one who promised to marry).  मंगेतर

7.Directory.     (list of names, addresses and telephone numbers).  डाइरेक्ट्री

8.Epilogue.     (a short piece that is added at the end of a book).    उपसंहार

9.Epitome.      (a perfect example of something).   आदर्श उदाहरण

10.Ammunition.   (military stores of bombs, shells, weapons etc.).    गोला बारूद

11.Arsenal.     (a godown of weapons and military equipment.).    शस्त्रागार

12.Armistice.     (An armistice is an agreement between belligerents who are at war with each other to stop fighting).     युद्धविराम

13.Curtail.     (impose a restriction on).     संक्षिप्त करना

14.Dismay.     (concern and distress caused by something unexpected).     बेचैनी

15.Deplete.      (diminish in number).     व्यय करना

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