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Vocab Part-22

*Word   *English explaination    *Meaning in Hindi.    
1.Embalm.    (to treat a dead body with special substances in order to keep it in good condition).     शव का संलेपन करना

2.Epitaph.    (a short piece of writing or a poem about a dead person).      समाधि लेख

3.Filicide.     (Murder of one's children).  बच्चे की हत्या  

4.Sororicide.    (murder of one's sister).   बहन की हत्या

5.Suicide.    (murder of oneself).   आत्महत्या

6.Uxoricide.    (murder of one's wife).   पत्नी की हत्या

7.Catalogue.     (A book with a list of all the goods that you can buy from a shop).  वस्‍तुओं की सूची

8.Diary.     (a book in which you write down what happens to you each day).   दैनिकी

9.Dictionary. (a book that contains a list of words. in alphabetical order).         शब्दकोश

10.Soliloquy.    (soliloquy is a speech in a play in which an actor speaks to himself).  स्‍वगत कथन की क्रिया   

11.Tragedy.    (very sad situation, especially one that involves death).    शोकपूर्ण हादसा

12.Aggression.    (intrusion by enemy).    आक्रमण

13.Ambivalent.     (unable to decide about what course to follow).     उभयभावी

14.Agitation.     (a state of anxiety).     उत्तेजना,आंदोलन

15.Alteration.     (the action or process of altering).    परिवर्तन

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