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Vocab Part-1

*Word     *Meaning in Hindi.    *English explaination
1.Voracious  -लालची(for Eating).  *Consuming large amount of food.

2.Oasis   -मरूधान।    *Green place in desert.

3.Mint.  -टकसाल।   *Where coins are made.

4.Dockyard.  -जहां जहाज बनाए जाते हैं।   *Where ships are manufactured.

5.Convoluted. -घुमावदार। *Having too many overlapping coils.

6.Archives. -लेखागार। *Where government records are kept.

7.Wardrobe. -अलमारी। *A case for putting clothes.

8.Reservoir. -जलाशय। *Where water is stored.

9.Mortuary. -मुर्दाघर। *Where dead bodies are kept for postmortem.

10.Morgue. -मुर्दाघर. *Where dead bodies are kept for identification. 

11.Hanger.  -जहां जहाज रखें जातें हैं।    A place where aeroplanes are stationed.  

12.Magazine.  -जहां शस्त्र रखें जातें हैं।    Where ammunition and weapons are kept.  

13.Mosque.   -मस्जिद।    Where prayer is offered in Islam.   

14.Museum.   -संग्राहालय।   Where historical relics are kept.  

15.Orchard.   -फलों का बगीचा।    Where fruit trees are grown.  


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