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Idioms & Phrases-3

*Idiom.     *Meaning in English.    *Meaning in hindi

1.To sit on the fence. (Not to commit oneself ).  किसी का पक्ष नहीं लेना। 

2.Mend one's fences. (To make peace). शांति बनाए रखना। 

3.Beside oneself. (To feel excessively )।  बहुत अधिक मात्रा सूंस करना।  

4.To hope against hope. (Hope in spite of disappointment ). निराशा की जगह आशापूरवक सोच। 

5.To cry over split milk. (Repent ).  पछतावा करना।  

6.To cut one's coat according to one's cloth.  (To live within one's means).   गुजारा करना। 

7.To get off Scot free. (To escape without punishment )    सजा से बचना।  

8.To turn a deaf ear. (Not to pay attention to).  धर्मांध न देना।  

9.To play fast and loose. (Repeatedly )   बार बार। 

10.To be ill at ease. (uncomfortable).  व्याकुल होना। 

11.To be up and doing.    (Active ).      चुस्त

12.To eat humble pie.   (To feel ashamed )    लज्जित होना। 

13.To be fit to hold a candle to.  (Match for ).   फिट बैठना।  

14.To be not worth one's salt.   (Not deserving ).   के लायक न होना।  

15.To make both end meet.  (To live within one's means ).   गुजारा करना।  

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